I can’t believe that it is already March 2014. It was February just like last week I think. Anyway, I thought I should post with some reasoning as to why I have been gone so long. I have been really slammed at work and on top of that I took a different position which requires a considerable amount of brain exercise. This isn’t that I haven’t thought of comic ideas. I have been thinking of lots of them. For example, I was thinking about a comic where Vindibudd slapped “the taste” out of General Safety’s mouth. Safety then developed exquisite taste and started speaking with a French accent. This of course got hot women completely falling all over him. This left Vindibudd with overwhelming jealousy. Actually, I just thought of that literally as I was typing it out. So the true answer is that I have been lazy. Shocker. Vindibudd is not on hiatus, I just haven’t put anything together. Thanks for coming by. Feel free to periodically check in again! Go Gators! Go Magic! Go OC Lions!