I’m really bummed, and I get like this when it is hard for me to wrap my head around something stupid like I don’t know, a $500,000 Porsche around a tree. Anyone that knows me knows that I love movies. Like I really love movies. The Fast and Furious movies are terrible but they are my guilty pleasure. I know they’re bad and I don’t care. They are big dumb fun. And Walker was a big part of that. He was kind of the straight man for all the lunacy around him. And now he’s gone on a lark and I can’t make sense of it and it’s irritating me. That’s not to mention any of the other actual real tragedy and pain being experienced by those who knew and were family to him. There are a lot of celebrities that pass away and I don’t even flinch because it’s almost expected. Amy Winehouse comes to mind, even Heath Ledger. Not fun goofy ultra nice guys like Paul Walker. I keep thinking of the end of 2 Fast 2 Furious when he utters the most ridiculous line, “Pocket’s ain’t empty, cuz.” Really. Cuz? Come on. But that was the point. Big. Dumb. Fun. Walker did a lot of great things for people, things that I’d love to do if I were a wealthy ridiculously good looking actor, like secretly paying for a poor couple’s wedding ring, or randomly surprising some teenage girl by walking with her dad back to their room. But what he did for me was he gave me 90 minutes at a time of taking my mind off my problems and for that I thank him and I will miss him. Godspeed, Brian O’Connor.