Vindibudd is a legacy student at the University of Superhero Sciences. Endowed with a complete lack of self-awareness, he is as capable of incalculable arrogance as he is heroic deeds. Mostly bent on ludicrous tangents meticulously designed for maximum self-adulation, Vindibudd has the drive to do something great. The question is, will it ever occur? Despite his questionable moral code, Vindibudd has managed to endear himself to Vindibabe, a much more effective superhero than he can ever possibly be.

Comics: 434
Recent Appearance: A Gentleman's Game
First Appearance: Goes To See The Fellowship of The Ring

General Safety

A fellow student at the University of Superhero Sciences, General Safety is roommates with Vindibudd and his official Side-Kick. His main gig is making sure that everyone operates safely. The problem is that he doesn't discriminate between objectives, e.g. if you are attempting to kidnap someone, just make sure you do it safely.

Comics: 391
Recent Appearance: A Gentleman's Game
First Appearance: Goes To See The Fellowship of The Ring


Vindibabe is a professional superheroine who happens to be Vindibudd's long-suffering romantic interest. She is a skilled martial artist and has the ability to bend matter, time and space to recreate scenes in movies and literature that she has seen or read to aid in her crime-fighting. As such she is very well read and holds several doctorates in literature and film from around the world. A world class smart aleck with a distinct lack of idiot tolerance, she nevertheless manages to find a soft spot in her heart for Vindibudd.

Comics: 30
Recent Appearance: New Year's Resolution
First Appearance: Exgirlfriend Lady

Common Sense Girl

Common Sense Girl is a professional superheroine and arbiter of intelligence in the world of Vindibudd. She is the Dean of Strategy and Applied Science at the University of Superhero Sciences. She is also a sort of police officer for superheroes in training. If she catches one doing something deeply stupid she will issue them a Common Sense Violation Citation. These result in community service. She is incredibly wise yet short on patience. She also carries a white bō and is an expert in every martial art imaginable, yes, that one too.

Comics: 51
Recent Appearance: Fractions
First Appearance: The American Way

The Orange Color

The Orange (Color) is a professional superheroine. She is quite possibly the most intelligent person on the planet. Her actual super powers are rarely used and are the subject of speculation. The simple act of making eye-contact with her leaves most people feeling immensely inferior and therefore she has never had to manifest her superhuman physical abilities. Her real first name is Valerie and she was once in a sorority with Common Sense Girl when they were both in college.

Comics: 11
Recent Appearance: Respect The Orange
First Appearance: The Color Orange


Fluffles, AKA Dagzar the Soul Cleaver is General Safety's pet Labrador Retriever. A huge fan of belly rubs and ear scratchees, Fluffles is fun-loving and fiercely loyal to General Safety and Vindibudd. He is a three time defending champion of the Best Penmanship in The Vindicave Award.

Comics: 8
Recent Appearance: Groupies
First Appearance: Labrador