I am so jazzed about this new Superman movie, let me tell you what. I was a really small kid when I first saw Superman on TV. There was something just so awesome and face scaldingly cool about the opening credits for that film.

main titles

How can you beat the titles flying in like they were from warp speed? And the music.

That music.

A lot of people talk about John Williams and Star Wars and Raiders, but I’m thisclose to saying that the theme from Superman is the perfect music for that character and is more perfect than any other music has ever been for any character. I swear if you listen close enough you can literally hear the music say SUPERMAN. It’s like the Star Spangled Banner, Apple Pie and Old Glory rolled into one. Nothing was cooler. Luke Skywalker was nowhere near as cool as Superman was.

So yes, I am going to wear a Superman shirt to the theater, and yes, I will bring Vindibabe with me and yes I am going to enjoy this like I have rarely enjoyed a movie. I’ll probably enjoy it like 34 times. Well, maybe at least twice.