I’ve been looking all over the Internet the past few days for webcomics that actually make me laugh. This is something that has been rare in my experience because I am such a stone cold critic of the art form…



I’m not talking about comics that have typical webcomic set ups involving sex, video games, liberal use of f-bombs or cliques of social outcasts and self important “artists.” I’m talking about people who have actually put together a unique premise and had the God-given talent to back it up with inventive and sometimes brilliant writing.

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Recently I came across two stellar examples of what I’m talking about, Robbie and Bobby and Beeserker. The former is about a boy and his robot guardian that started out simple enough and rather pedestrianly but over the course of a thousand plus comics, has really developed into a shining example of what nuanced and sophisticated writing can yield. The art is whimsical, not derivative and most importantly the writing is not insipid and stupid. It’s a beautiful thing. It also made me literally laugh out loud.

Beeserker seems as if it were ripped from a conversation between Allan and I. I mean, this comic is literally pretty much how we converse. Again, an original idea that is just idiotic enough to be endearing and hysterical. I’ll never forget, “I already regret this!” being uttered while in flight from angry loose bees. Priceless.