Hey all, just watched the new Batman vs Superman trailer and since Vindibudd is basically inspired by Batman, I thought I’d post my thoughts.

First off, the Batvoice. Ben Affleck really has a great take on it. We’re not getting Round 2 of “WHARRRSZZHH THAH TRIGUUUURHH?! WHARRRSZZHH ISHZ IT?!” It’s a deeper manlier more sinister voice than his Bruce Wayne and seems to hit the right tone for the character.

Secondly, Lex Luthor. I am not one to whine about casting choices in comic book movies but I will say that Eisenberg seems to be going for some Batman Forever style villainy. After trying to ground this world so hard in reality, it seems odd that director Zack Snyder would be going for that. We’ll have to see, but right now I am not feeling anything remotely threatening about Eisenberg’s Luthor and that may not be his fault.

I am in the slight minority when I say that I loved Man of Steel, so I’m already down with the take that Cavill has on the Big Blue Boyscout. Nothing here is really new, it’s just a continuance of the previous turn in the role and that is perfect.

I am still not sold on Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, I am sorry, she just doesn’t look like Wonder Woman to me. Maybe this is because I grew up watching the magnificent Lynda Carter and that vision is seared in my mind. She’s in the trailer with no dialogue for about 3 seconds and it doesn’t really do the character justice (no pun intended) and may actually have spoiled the movie. Furthermore, the dull coloring of her costume is over the top. I am not sure what the point of watching Wonder Woman is if she looks just like an extra from Troy.

Speaking of spoilers, this is one of those trailers where the entire plot appears to have been bullet pointed. Bad. Very bad. I’m not going to tell you to skip the trailer, but it looks like the whole plot has been layed out for everyone. Watch at your own risk.

Overall, 5/10. Cool stuff, too much spoilery.