Starting yesterday, the countdown to the official live date of new Vindibudd comics began! Why do you care? Because if you can be the first to tweet or send me an email the last day of the countdown with a list of the entire GO NO GO launch checklist, YOU WILL GET YOUR CHOICE OF ONE VINDIBUDD SHIRT OF YOUR CHOOSING (Retail value $25) OR a VINDIBUDD CALENDAR (Retail value $20) starting at the month of your choice! This shirt will be an official Vindibudd RedBubble shirt made with American Apparel T-shirts (The company that makes Apple’s employee t-shirts). These are very high quality shirts and one can be yours since only like 3 people read this site at the moment! This means you could be that person!



1. Visit everyday and note the new launch checklist item.
2. On September 8, 2013, be the first to contact me via Twitter @Vindibudd or Email vindibudd at vindibudd dot com with the entire list.
3. Pick your PRIZE!

Good luck!